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Hey Jen, huge congratulations on your successful start with being a mum and your gorgeous little girl! I remember those first days, weeks and months like it was yesterday. I'm now nearly 11 years into parenting, and I have to say it DOES get easier! So anyone who is feeling overwhelmed and scared or lacking in confidence right now, I see you and I hear you. And you are not alone. From what I learned, everyone is winging it and all those other mums who seem to have got their shit together are feeling just as chaotic and untogether as you are. They just won't admit to it.

Parenting is the only job in the world where there is no manual or training course. Nothing prepares you for it and the responsibility feels huge. It's okay not to have all the answers and you are ALL doing a fantastic job. The early days are about surviving and getting to know each other and getting used to having a living being (or beings) depending on you 24/7. That takes time, so don't put too much pressure on yourself for anything else - you and your baby are the most important thing, the dishes and emails can wait.

And for anyone who is finding it excessively hard, I have a podcast called Blue MumDays, which is for anyone struggling with parenting. I developed PND (postpartum depression), birth trauma and postnatal anxiety after the birth of my son nearly 11 years ago. Now, fully recovered - and after doing a podcast webinar during the pandemic with Jen herself - I wanted to help other parents feel less alone and offer the reassurance that they too would recover. It's packed full of interviews with experts and people who have been there covering issues such as anxiety, hormones, parenting with ADHD, pregnancy loss and feelings of failure. The show notes are packed with links to support too. Sending hugs xx

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this brought tears to my eyes <3 so relatable. thanks for sharing your journey. it will be so, so special to share these notes with your baby girl one day :)

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